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With the passage of Amendment 13 and the Covid 19 pandemic, greyhounds are available and need foster and forever homes NOW more than ever!
Fosters & volunteers are still needed throughout Florida – please contact groups near you!


Greyhounds need loving homes NOW!

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NOW is the time to open your hearts and homes to foster or adopt these precious souls! Support the groups helping in any way you can!

ALL Florida tracks suspended racing do to Covid-19.
Kennels will only provide necessities for their hounds for so long before they can NOT do it anymore!
PLEASE reach out to your local tracks and adoption groups and HELP the HOUNDS in any way you can!!

The closest group to SRQ has LOTS of beautiful Greyhounds!
Adoptable Greyhounds of Florida

Find Greyhound groups near YOU in Florida and the US here –
National Greyhound Adoption Directory

The Florida Greyhound Racing Ban does not go into effect until 1/1/2021

Before you decide to adopt a Retired Greyhound,
please educate yourself on the breed.

Visit our “Before You Adopt” page and please learn about the breed with a greyt book “Adopting the Racing Greyhound, by Cynthia Branigan”

Greyhounds are not your typical pet and require different care and attention than your average dog.

Greyhounds are very intelligent, adaptable dogs that can easily fit into a new environment following an adjustment period.

They are eager to please and respond positively to any attention given to them.
They become very attached to their new families and provide their people with many joyous years.

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