Our Mission:

The Racing Dog Retirement Project (RDRP) is an all-Volunteer 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to the protection, rehabilitation, and adoption of retired racing greyhounds. We are committed to the preservation, fair treatment and acceptance of retired racing greyhounds as a family pet.

Our History:

RDRP was founded in the early 1990′s as a branch of the Pennsylvania-based greyhound rescue group, Make Peace with Animals. RDRP was reorganized in 1997 as a Florida nonprofit corporation based in Sarasota, Florida. To date, more than 1,000 retired racing Greyhounds have found their forever homes through the dedicated work of hundreds of RDRP volunteers.

Our Values:

RDRP takes in all greyhounds regardless of age, condition or history. All greyhounds are welcomed, cared for and prepared for placement with our foster and permanent homes. We firmly believe retired racers make great pets and cherished family members. With over 2,000 greyhounds having been adopted into loving homes, RDRP looks to continue its missions of breed awareness, care and placement of retired racing dogs, as well as increase the project’s presence within the communities we serve.

What We Do:

RDRP provides an outlet for trainers, breeders and tracks to help place retired racers. Indeed, the vast majority of greyhounds rescued by RDRP come directly from the track. Many are retired after suffering racing-related injuries such as broken legs and hocks and others are retired because they simply were not fast enough to earn their keep as racers. Still others are at mandatory retirement age or have fulfilled their usefulness as brood bitches or studs. RDRP takes in all greyhounds regardless of age, condition or history.

RDRP hosts monthly “meet and greet” events at local pet stores to increase awareness of the organization and promote Greyhounds as loving companions and greyt family pets. In addition, RDRP hosts an open house from 1:00 – 3:00 pm the second Sunday of each month at its adoption center: 1801 Verna Road, Myakka City, FL.

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