RDRP Board of Directors:

President……………………Geri Harrison
Vice President…………….  Elaine Leitten
Treasurer……………………Cyndi Toale
Secretary……………………John Tyler

Board Members:

Nancy Sorg
Susan Cavanaugh
Glenn Hall
Richard Stern
Megan Udell

Adoption Process:

Adoption Applications are on web site
Applications received by – Geri Harrison, Elaine Leitten
Phone Interviews/vet checks – Elaine Leitten

Home Visits:

Geri Harrison                                            Elaine Leitten

Nancy Sorg                                              Anne Franklin

Annabelle Noble                                       Pam Driggs                                              

Kathy Pontillo                                           

Volunteer Coordinator for Adoption Center Kennel – Casey Russell-Graham

Dog Transport
Geri Harrison                   Elaine Leitten
Glenn Hall                        Lori Marshall
Ken Smith                        Mark Sanders

Adoption Center Resident Care Providers – Lori Marshall, Mark Sanders

Meet and Greets

Petsmart Sarasota   – Geri Harrison and team

Petco SR 70 & Lockwood Ridge – Nancy Sorg
Tractor Supply SR 70Nancy Sorg

Pet Supermarket Northport – Gini Longarzo
Petco Venice – Nikki West

Foster Home Coordinator – Geri Harrison
Vet Authorizations – Geri Harrison (any board member can authorize treatment in case of emergency)..

All authorizations will be through Southgate Animal Hospital unless pre-approved for another facility. Medical expenses are not to be incurred unless prior approval has been granted by the Board of Directors.

We have a working arrangement with:
Southgate Animal Hospital – 2821 Bee Ridge Rd. (922-0774)
Animal Hospital @ Lakewood Ranch – 9115 58th Dr. E Bradenton (751-0101) which is closer to the Adoption Center and used for emergencies.  
Ranch Animal Hospital – 11105 Corridor Drive (745-5666) is open Sundays in case of serious need.  This is off Lakewood Ranch Blvd.  between SR 70 and SR 64.

Track Liaison – Geri Harrison

Spokesperson – Geri Harrison

Adoption Dog Collars and Leashes – Geri Harrison

Dog Coats – Elaine Leitten and Edit Fiebig

Donation Acknowledgements and Thank You Notes – Cyndi Toale, Elaine Leitten

Donation and Adoption Checks – Cyndi Toale

Printed Material and Name Tags – Geri Harrison,  Mark Sanders

Adoption Packets – Geri Harrison

Petfinder – Laura Kaufman and Lori Marshall

Ordering Supplies – Geri Harrison, Cyndi Toale, John Tyler ???

Mailing List – Megan Udell

Newsletter and Social Media – Lori Marshall, Mark Sanders

Website –  Lori Marshall, Mark Sanders

Adoptable Greyhound Descriptions/write-ups – Lori Marshall

Fast line – Sherry McFarland

Emergency Housing – Ace Pet Resort (must be preapproved)

Grant Writing Susan Cavanah and Casey Russel-Graham

Fundraising – Melissa Cohen, Carol Fish, Paula Maynard, Casey Russell-Graham, Debbie Barnard, Pam Driggs

Event coordinator – Need Volunteers

Yahoo Monitor – Anna Nash, Kim Long ???

Historian – Nancy Sorg, Ingrid Messina

Technical Advisory Consultants:   Megan Udell, Lori Marshall, Mark Sanders                                                       

And remember: 

  • If you can’t adopt, foster
  • If you can’t foster, volunteer
  • If you can’t volunteer, be a monthly benefactor
  • If you can’t be a benefactor, donate
  • If you can’t donate, educate, network and spread the word.

All crates and dog food are stored at the adoption center

For any questions please email Geri Harrisonidlerichh@aol.com