RDRP Board of Directors:

President……………………Geri Harrison
Vice President…………….  Elaine Leitten
Treasurer……………………Cyndi Toale
Secretary……………………John Tyler

Board Members:

Nancy Sorg
Susan Cavanaugh
Glenn Hall
Richard Stern
Megan Udell

Adoption Process:

Adoption Applications are on web site
Applications received by – Geri Harrison, Elaine Leitten
Phone Interviews/vet checks – Elaine Leitten, Casey Russel Graham

Home Visits:

Geri Harrison                                            Elaine Leitten                                           Anne Franklin

Annabelle Noble                                       Pam Driggs                                              

Kathy Pontillo                                           

Volunteer Coordinator for Adoption Center Kennel – Casey Russell-Graham

Dog Transport
Geri Harrison                   Elaine Leitten
Glenn Hall                        Lori Marshall
Ken Smith                        Mark Sanders

Adoption Center Resident Care Providers – Lori Marshall, Mark Sanders

Meet and Greets

Petsmart Sarasota   – Geri Harrison and team

Pet Supermarket Northport – Gini Longarzo
Petco Venice – Nikki West

Foster Home Coordinator – Geri Harrison
Vet Authorizations – Geri Harrison (any board member can authorize treatment in case of emergency)..

Medical expenses are not to be incurred unless prior approval has been granted by the Board of Directors.

We have a working arrangement with:
Southgate Animal Hospital – 2821 Bee Ridge Rd. (922-0774)
Animal Hospital @ Lakewood Ranch – 9115 58th Dr. E Bradenton (751-0101) which is closer to the Adoption Center and used for emergencies.  
Ranch Animal Hospital – 11105 Corridor Drive (745-5666) is open Sundays in case of serious need.  This is off Lakewood Ranch Blvd.  between SR 70 and SR 64.

Spokesperson – Geri Harrison

Adoption Dog Collars and Leashes – Geri Harrison

Dog Coats – Elaine Leitten and Edit Fiebig

Donation Acknowledgements and Thank You Notes – Cyndi Toale, Elaine Leitten

Donation and Adoption Checks – Cyndi Toale

Printed Material and Name Tags – Geri Harrison,  Mark Sanders

Adoption Packets – Geri Harrison

Petfinder – Laura Kaufman and Lori Marshall

Ordering Supplies – Geri Harrison, Cyndi Toale, Mark Sanders

Mailing List – Megan Udell

Newsletter and Social Media – Lori Marshall, Mark Sanders

Website –  Lori Marshall, Mark Sanders

Adoptable Greyhound Descriptions/write-ups – Lori Marshall

Fast line – Sherry McFarland and others

Emergency Housing – Ace Pet Resort (must be preapproved)

Grant Writing Susan Cavanah and Casey Russel-Graham

Fundraising – Melissa Cohen, Casey Russell-Graham, Pam Driggs

Event coordinator – Need Volunteers

Historian – Nancy Sorg

Technical Advisory Consultants:   Megan Udell, Lori Marshall, Mark Sanders                                                       

And remember: 

  • If you can’t adopt, foster
  • If you can’t foster, volunteer
  • If you can’t volunteer, be a monthly benefactor
  • If you can’t be a benefactor, donate
  • If you can’t donate, educate, network and spread the word.

All crates and dog food are stored at the adoption center

For any questions please email Geri Harrisonidlerichh@aol.com