Adopt a Greyhound Month

adopt a greyhound month florida

Now is the time to adopt!

There’s a greater need to place ex-racing greyhounds into permanent homes than at any point in recent history as a result of past and pending greyhound racing track closings across the country. April is National-Adopt-a-Greyhound Month and the perfect time to adopt a gentle companion into your home. These gentle hounds will be forever greytful to be included in your family. They will show their appreciation over and over again with hugs, kisses, cheerfulness, goofiness, devotion and pure unconditional love.

There is nothing like the love from a greyhound!

Model- Greyhound Riddler

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  1. Virginia (Ginny) Williams

    Any chance you can adopt Quinn if you live in Ohio?

  2. Jennifer Rollins

    I am definitely interested in Riddler. Maybe he has been waiting for me to find him. My wonderful boy Darryl had to cross the bridge last February at age 13 and 9 mo. Riddler looks and has a similar personality as Darryl. We could give him a loving and enjoyable home as long as he is cat tolerant.
    You were recommended to us by GREAT in Tampa.
    Hope to hear from you
    Jennifer Rollins
    11829 Orange St.
    San Antonio, FL

    • RDRPAdmin

      Riddler does not care for kitty cats, however we have many greyhounds that do!

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