Attention ALL GREYHOUND Lovers!!
NOW is the time to open your hearts and homes to foster or adopt these precious souls! Support the groups helping in any way you can!
ALL Florida tracks are suspending racing do to Covid-19 (except Naples – Ft.Myers) and they may NEVER recover.
Kennels will only provide necessities for their hounds for so long before they can NOT do it anymore!
PLEASE reach out to your local tracks and adoption groups and HELP the HOUNDS!!!
Some of RDRP volunteers are also working with this group in Northport.

Find Greyhound groups near YOU in Florida and the US here –

Adopting a Greyhound through RDRP

Thanks for your interest in adopting a Greyhound!
Please review the pages on our website regarding Greyhounds and the process so you have a working understanding of the breed before proceeding with the application. This, along with educating yourself before and during your adoption process will help ensure a successful and smoother transition to having a grey in your family!  Adopting the Racing Greyhound by Cynthia Branigan, among others are good books and Google will be beneficial.

Also note that there may be Greyhounds available near your home in Florida or other states. Please check the Greyhound Adoption Agency Directory for a Greyhound near you!

Our Adoption process – 

Online Application

Phone Interview

Reference Checks

Home Visit

Meet Our Hounds

Complete the Adoption

Adopting a pet should be considered carefully. Successful adopters are the ones who have seriously considered the responsibility involved before taking the next step, and done their homework regarding the retired racer. If you are considering adding a Greyhound or any other type of dog to your family, please think realistically and honestly about your intentions to ensure that you are adopting for all the right reasons. View Things to Consider Before Applying for Adoption.

RDRP does NOT adopt to homes with children under the age of 7. Please read the Greyhounds and Children page before applying if you have children over age 7.

The process for adoption is designed to ensure the protection of the Greyhounds for the long-term. Please view the adoption process video to learn more about adopting a retired racing Greyhound through RDRP.

RDRP  reserves the right to decline any adoption at its discretion.

An outline of the steps that take place when someone adopts a Greyhound through RDRP is provided below:


First, give serious thought to whether you and your family are prepared to make a commitment to responsible Greyhound ownership. Please read our web site then call us at (941) 379-FAST (3278) if you need additional information.


Next, complete our online application for Greyhound adoption. The online application is easy, secure, and goes directly to our adoption committee. A member of our Adoption Committee will contact you within a few days to discuss your application and answer your questions. The Adoption Counselor will discuss the kind of dog that may be the most appropriate for you and your family’s lifestyle (temperament, gender, etc).


One of our Adoption Counselors will contact you to see when he/she may visit your home with a representative Greyhound. The purpose of the visit is to “talk Greyhound.” All family members must be present. This is an important step in the process as it helps to ensure whether a Greyhound is the right choice for you and your family. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have about the breed and proper care of a retired racing Greyhound. The Adoption Counselor(s) will be gathering information to assess which of our adoptable dogs would work well with you and your family.


Once your application is approved, we will arrange a meeting time where you may meet the available greyhounds. If your household has other dogs, your dog/s will come to RDRP to do a match. We are passionate about placing the right hound in your home and will work hard to assist in a perfect match. Do not forget that animals do not discriminate, they love unconditionally. Personality is always the key. Together we will select your new family member. Please trust us in this process.


When you pick up your Greyhound, we will have you sign our adoption contract, and register you and your new friend in our database. The non-refundable adoption fee is $300. This fee helps to defray our costs and includes: neutering or spaying, all current shots, worming as necessary, heartworm check, teeth cleaning, microchip and new collar, lead, and muzzle.


After you take your Greyhound home, we will remain available to answer questions and assist in helping the former racer make a successful transition into your home. We encourage you to get involved as a volunteer with RDRP, which is a great way to meet other Greyhound owners, exchange ideas, and explore a variety of ways to have fun with your Greyhound!

Thanks for your interest in saving these wonderful dogs, and we hope to hear from you soon.