Greyhounds and Children

Greyhounds are not aggressive dogs, but unlike many breeds they are neither raised nor bred for compatibility with children. Many seem to view children as puppies and will not hesitate to discipline them with a growl or snap if annoyed or threatened. Greyhounds also do not possess either the fur or body fat appropriate for rough-and-tumble play.

A good rule of thumb is this– greyhounds are good with well behaved children. RDRP does NOT adopt to homes with children under the age of 7.  RDRP also reserves the right to decline any adoption at its discretion.

If your adoption does proceed, you must agree to the following terms. Please also remember that these rules apply to visiting children (grandkids, neighbors, etc.) as well as your own.

1. During the initial 6-8 weeks of adjustment, I will never leave a hound and a child together unattended. I will never leave a very young child (2 and under) alone with a hound.

2. I will never allow a child to disturb a resting or sleeping hound.

3. I will never allow a child to enter a hound’s crate or other private area.

4. I will never allow a child to be a hound’s primary caretaker. (Children are simply not responsible enough and no dog should be neglected simply to teach a child a sense of duty.)

5. I will never allow a child to walk a hound. (Greyhounds are very strong and can easily pull a child over, escaping in the process.)

6. I will childproof my doors so that a child does not inadvertently let a hound escape.

7. If there is an incident, I will not blame the hound, but will remain calm and contact RDRP immediately to arrange a return if necessary.

If you cannot fully agree to each and every one of these terms, you should not adopt a greyhound at this time.