Astounding Astaire

astaire-greyhoundAstaire – Adoption Pending!!!

Birth Date: 04/01/2015

Which is it for Astaire? “Happy wife, happy life.” “Happy feet, will dance for treats”. In the 30’s, 40’s, the way to a woman’s heart was to become a smooth dancer and take her out for a spin on the band’s dance floor. Just like his past idol, the debonair Fred Astaire, our suave boy is rehearsing his steps and routines into glides, and toe taps in his kennel studio. Cmon, after all, that’s how you “got the girl”. Our Astaire is a real heart throb too. He is slender, tall, and sleek just like you know who. He even comes dressed to dance in a full black tuxedo. Instead of the movie icon’s traditional white buckskin oxfords, our Astaire flaunts his white sock paws, and spins around his white tipped tail. Dancing with the Stars will be signing him up so you better fill out his adoption papers to make him your own. He still won’t stop dancing!

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