Auditioning for Foster Placement

Foster trial greyhound

Auditioning or foster placement!

Here we have our very own PAWsome volunteers Megan & Ken working with adorable adoptable Petey and Megan’s sweet Norman to see if these boys will get along for a foster placement. Safety is always first with any of our placements be it fostering or a furever home. When there are other dogs in the home we always do an “audition” and our skilled and trained volunteers know just what to look for to insure a good fit.

Megan brought Norman out to the Adoption Center, while Ken took charge of Petey. RDRP has several entirely fenced and secure areas as well as a building for the purpose of introducing potential comrades! Both dogs will always be muzzled and on lead initially, and then slowly allowed to do their dance together if everyone is happy. The final part of each audition would be to remove muzzles and leads when they are comfortable together.

Greyhounds are used to other hounds as that is how they grow up lending them to be extremely adaptable to other pets as well as people. Unlike other dogs, the life of a greyhound usually has numerous people (owners, handlers, trainers, etc.) and they are around large numbers of other hounds making them an excellent choice for home-life with others. As with ALL animals though, as well as people, sometimes certain hounds are better suited to certain situations. This is another reason fostering is so beneficial! It allows the foster family to really get to know the blossoming personality of their foster babe and prepare them for the best life possible! It really is a rewarding and amazing opportunity for all involved.

The volunteers at RDRP keep an ongoing data and information log on each houndie as to temperament, likes, dislikes, and special nuances so that each greyhound has the best chance for a safe, secure and loving home. It’s a win-win for everyone!

We are always in need of short (surgery recovery) to longer term foster homes. Please check it out here and think about making a PAWSitive difference in a greyhounds life as well as your own! Trust me… it is truly GREYT!



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