Beautiful Blu Velvet

Blue Velvet greyhound floridaBlue Velvet – ADOPTION PENDING!!!

Birth Date: 08/26/2015

Blue is a color classification used for a grey Greyhound. After all “Grey Greyhound” is not that easy to pronounce or repeat. It is one of the rarer colors for this breed. The blue mystique fascinates greyhound lovers as they try to analyze if this color has any behavior or personality qualities specific to this recessive gene. There are several variations of Blue that combine brindle and even fawn stratifications. Our Blue Velvet is absolutely, unequivocally, drop dead, all blue gorgeous. He is one of those deep dark grey slate colors. With that coat he has very striking eyes and ears. Always acting like a puppy in spirit he is a very curious boy who is ready for just about anything. He reminds us of the words written in the song “Blue Velvet”: bluer than velvet and softer than satin was the night. His fur glistens like velvet in the sun and his heart is just as soft.

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