Brady Update

brady-update-greyhoundThe last 48 hours have been big for Brady. Here is the run down from Geri –
“He went from the EVC to his new foster home and back again twice. He is very frightened and nervous…has staples in his head and on his right leg…not sure what happened there. His cast is big and heavy. He appeared to be settling in.
His night was very restless and he would not take his meds and was panting and stressed. There was also bleeding thru the bandage which means it needs to be changed…so off to the EVC this morning.
They said because his platelets are so low it is causing more bleeding than in a normal dog. He has a few complications from something called Ehrlichia which causes the bleeding. They probably will have to change the bandage more often because of it. We thought it best to let them assess him and treat him there. He seems to like it there! He hated the 48″ crate at his foster moms and it was a real problem getting him to go in it. He ate last night and pooped but this morning would not eat so we couldn’t give him his meds. That, plus the bleeding, sent us back to the EVC. He is going to see Dr. Kirsch first thing in the morning and we’ll know more then. They are keeping him overnight tonight
He is a handsome boy…and has the most amazing almost gold thread like fur on his back… I’ve never seen a grey with that! Has fur almost like an Afghan or Saluki. He is very gentle and curious.”
So keep sending love and support for beautiful Brady, he sure can use it. <3

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