Bubbly Bailey

bailey greyhoundBailey – ADOPTION PENDING!!!

Like most dog breeds, some Greyhounds are kissers and some are not. Some are more laid back in nature and some are full of playful energy. Others will enjoy a nice treat for dessert now and then and some are voracious treat eaters. What makes our all shiny black Bailey stand out is she has it all as a big kisser, happy frisky gal, who is very treat motivated. She comes by her name in two very different ways. Baileys Irish Cream reminds us of a special holiday-like indulgence. Or if you prefer, the character Bailey, from the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, reminds us of a wonderful person who spent an entire life giving of oneself to others. Combine these two “reminders” and you have our ever sweet holiday girl who is retired from racing, retired from giving of herself to race for others. Oh and she doesn’t just lie around feeling sorry not to be racing at the track. In fact she is a tiniest cutest darn wiggle worm, lickity snicket gal. We keep asking ourselves, how does she already answer to her name, Bailey?  She was just a number when she raced. When she received her name from us, she just automatically insisted she should be called by her name because “that’s what humans do when you get adopted by them.” She is in her kennel a wiggling and a tail wagging to get everyone’s attention. Once taken out with her leash, her breathing slows down like magic and “PUFF” she goes into cuddly mode. Bailey is a small, shiny, all black heart stealer!

Meet the Greyhounds the 2nd Sunday of every month at our Open House from 1-3 pm. See the event calendar for more information.
Please fill out our Adoption Application prior to coming if you are serious about adopting.

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