Bye Bye Bath

Every greyhound is beyond special to everyone here at RDRP! That moment when their very own human walks through the door and that SPECIAL connection happens that leads to adoption is why RDRP is here – to facilitate GREYT homes for GREYT hounds!

The evening before they depart for their furever homes each houndie gets a luxurious Dr. Bronners Lavender bath, and extra walkie, a special dinner and more treats and lovies throughout the day. Also a chit chat about being extra careful and aware in their new home.

Some of the amazing Greys have been here a few short weeks and for others it may take many months for the right person to come in. Volunteers spend time walking them, grooming and caring for them, teaching them a few basics and of course giving them MUCH love. Vet trips, special care needs, foster care, and dozens of duties to prepare them. A lot of time, effort and work goes into the health and well being of our greyhounds while here. All of it returns a smile and a warm heart space from each and every one. There is nothing that makes us happier than a greyhound moving to their next adventure.. soft spaces, happy faces, and special places… ADOPTION! And yes, the tears are shed for every one of them.

Have a beautiful, amazing, and loving life dear Clay.


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