Calming Cole

greyhound coleCole – ADOPTION PENDING!

Birth Date 10/12/2015

Greyhound Cole
Is a very sweet soul,
And a lovely nice soul is he

He wags for his treats,
And he longs for a home,
And he dreams of your family!

As every family needs a really cute hound,
And a very cute hound is he.
“Roo Diddly roo, diddly roo roo roo,
says Cole when he’s super happy.

Oh, there’s nothing so rare
As can compare
With Cole in your family.

This gorgeous and sleek smaller young fella is easy peasy, a good hugger, fun to be with and very ready to try his next adventure in life.. loving YOU!

Cole passed his cat test!

Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

Can’t adopt a greyhound right now but would love to help Cole?

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