Can someone please help with all this weeding?

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Hi everyone,

I’m a houndie dog and I’m real worn out from doing all the weeding at the Adoption Center. There’s a total of 4.8 acres of grass that we mow, but the weed eater really takes a toll on my back and I would appreciate some help. I can handle the mowing on that real cool mower we have but I just can’t do the trimming.

All of our runs have these big fences and we need someone to do all the weed eating with our gas powered weed-eater. It’s nicely balanced and works well It’s just, well my back can’t take it any more. If you could come out once or twice a month it would be a GREYT big help!

We can totally adapt to your schedule, however, the mornings are best. We have a bunch of mosquitoes in the summer, and in the evening they like to swarm. In the mornings they’re not as active and the temperature is much nicer.

We have an Open House once a month on the 2nd Sunday’s so we’d like to have the lawn and weeding finished by that Saturday night. That way everything looks nice and trim for the prospective adoptive families to take us in our beautiful fenced in kennel runs. If they’re full of weeds, it’s full of buggies too. So any help would be GREYT!!

Contact us at and tell use you want to help!

Thank you!

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