Carefree Cairo

greyhound-cairoCairo – ADOPTION PENDING!!!

Birth Date: 03/01/2016

Triumphant” or “Victorious” one is what the name Cairo means… and we agree. With his gorgeous smokey Egyptian eyes and his large and confident size, Cairo is an amazing young greyhound. This overgrown PUPPY is simply adorable. His ears go every which way, he bounces, he blunders and he is always smiling and ready for the next best thing. Play ball? Oh yes, and if you have a small kiddie pool he will delightfully splash and plop right in. PLAYTIME! He is reminiscent of the Disney character Pluto… happy, good-natured, agreeable, FUN and sweetly sensitive.

And check out those SPOTS, WOW! This sweetie has already earned the nickname Mr. Be-Bopper!

Cairo would thrive in a home with a fenced yard and an active family. A younger couple or devoted playful single would work grey too. A big comfy couch would be in order as this boy also LOVES to cuddle and chill!

Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

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