Charming Chase

chase greyhoundChase

Birth date: 4/18/15

This guy is a blur of red. What is a blur of red you ask? Think of a Greyhound in a reddish corvette body, sleek curves in a frame built with aerodynamics in mind, and he is only going to get better over the years. Think of a lean, not mean, racing machine!

He is not demanding of attention but loves to receive it. He is fun to watch because he is instinctively sniffing all around the play areas. Will you be the one to teach him how to play and what family pet freedom is really about?

“This RDRP place is really nice and the roomiest place I have ever lived in… feels like the Ritz to me, BUT I am dreaming of my very own family. I have heard that adopting a human is the most amazing thing to ever happen to a greyhound. I just can’t wait to play with and love mine!” ~ Chase

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