Dear Draven

greyhound florida adoptionFOSTERED!!!

Draven came to us very unsure about life and lacked confidence.
His current foster mom Marie is doing wonders with him!

The meaning of the name “Draven” is: “A true leader, king with leadership qualities”. This beautiful and understated boy has come a long way since his arrival mid-October and will grow into being the leader of your world and heart.

Draven arrived at our adoption center just before Halloween wearing all black fur and intense amber eyes… oh what a looker!

Let’s name him for the character in the movie, The Crow, based on his shiny black color like the dark shiny feathers on a black crow. Would you like to adopt an amazing Greyhound who has the name of a comic supernatural avenger?

Draven really wants to step forward for your Forever companionship. He is nicely sensitive and so willing to please.  Spend some time with him and you will thrill with the way he slowly warms up to you. Yes, the thrill for you is knowing you are making a meaningful difference in this new chapter in his life.

He now REALLY enjoys walks, soft pets and being told how wonderful he is. He is not fond of LOUD noises, chaos, or abrupt movement,,, but who is?

Drae, as we lovingly call him, will thrive in a caring and quieter home with someone who wants to help him build his confidence. A fully fenced yard would be a bonus.


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