Demy Graduated

demy greyhound graduationDemy Graduated!
JoAnn Milivejevic recently adopted Mohican Dime (Demy) from RDRP.  She placed Demy in the Greyhound Advancement Program at Hardee Correctional Facility.
Demy graduated this past Friday and is back at home with her new mom JoAnn!
Here’s a picture in her back yard…Demi guarding the lemons.
JoAnn advises that she is very pleased with the program and Demy is doing really well.

The Greyhound Advancement Center works hand-in-hand with greyhound tracks, farms, transport, adoption groups, etc. to ensure more effective placement into forever homes, while promoting a more positive image of greyhounds as companion, therapy and service dogs.

Through our work we educate the public regarding the gentle nature, wonderful temperament, and intelligence of the Greyhound breed.

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