Depp the Wonder Greyhound

Depp and Camp Kemper

Written by Shellby Willhite Kemper
— with Christopher Kemper

Depp-greyhound-adoptFor over a year now, Depp has lived at Camp Kemper as a foster (minus his time at prison and another very brief foster home), and we have loved every minute of it. On Saturday, I received a call from a previous RDRP adopter who had interest in providing a forever home for Depp. I took him up to meet her yesterday and on Friday he’ll move in with her in a ‘foster to adopt’ situation. (We want to ensure he’ll be ok as an only dog as heaven knows he’s never been the only dog at our house!) I am so happy for her and Depp and a little sad for Chris. He and Depp have a bond, but given the first right of refusal, he opted to let Depp be matched with a forever home. Our ultimate joy is fostering. We love teaching greyhounds fresh from the track the joy of living in a home and then matching them with their forever families. Sometimes, as with Depp, their time with us is a little longer and we have a little bit harder time letting go. But we always try to remember the bigger picture of how many retired racers are out there and not let our selfishness take precedence over a dog finding a home. We have the highest of hopes for Depp as he loves to his *hopeful* forever home this Friday and look forward to meeting our next foster.

Perhaps becoming FOSTER a short (a few days for medical recovery) to a longer time frame will enrich your life and make your heart sing too! Read all about it here.

Thank you to Shellby Willhite Kemper & Christopher Kemper for this heartwarming story and all the love, energy, space and time you provide for Depp and SO MANY others!

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