Eileen and Cashew

Cashew and Eileen

Cashew – words from the heart!

“Cashew, the beautiful smallish boy. Lately, he is the first one I want to see when I arrive at the kennel when I volunteer to walk the hounds, as I want to see how he is doing. Over time, I have come to really love this boy. It is a joy to touch his soft, clean fur and he is so snuggly. When I greet him at his door and give him a calm, gentle heart-felt hug I think it is pure joy for both of us. Cashew gives so much back in his gentle ways, kind eyes and he lifts my spirit – what can I say, I feel like a million bucks around Cashew! Even though he has plenty of energy for walkies, he maintains a very patient and calm demeanor. It is great to watch him explore the outdoors, and just to spend time with him is happiness. Whether brushing his beautiful coat or rubbing his shoulders for a good massage, he loves affection. And he has the cutest, most manicured feet I have ever seen on a greyhound! I hope Cashew soon finds a beautiful soul to share his retirement with – he deserves the best home – and he will give back all that you give to him. Come have a look at Cash! He is always watching quietly from his kennel for that special person to take him home. XOXO I love you Cashew!”

Guest Blogger & Awesome Volunteer

~Eileen Davies

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