Elizabeth and Matilda

It is always touching when people connect with a cause and take the initiative to support something that touches their heart. It is especially so when it is young person or child!

Here is what Kathy Pontillo, RDRP volunteer and owner of Bone Appetite said about when Elizabeth and Matilda came into her store.

“I feel so honored that this dear sweet little girl, would take the time to research Greyhounds and feel compelled to raise money for RDRP. Elizabeth and her new puppy, Matilda  came into my shop and was so good with my 2 grey’s, and then went home and made this to help. She has raised $31.00 already and is hoping others will follow her kindness. We have her poster here proudly displayed!! Thank you Elizabeth!! Come in to Bone Appetite and help Elizabeth’s cause!”

So stop in at Bone Appetite, say hello to Kathy and her two greyhounds Gracie and Olivia and help out Elizabeth’s heartfelt cause! Pick up some quality goodies for you furbabies while your there!

greyhound charity donations

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