Fabulous Faye

florida greyhound fayeFaye – FOSTERED & Thriving!!!

Birth Date:10/11/2015

This softhearted and sweet little girl has been waiting for her forever family for to long.. since October 10th, 2017. She arrived fearful and worrisome of everything. Her foster family has helped her blossom into an amazing, lovable, playful and joyous girl!

Faye is thriving in her awesome foster home and is loving every moment! WOW~ this beautiful fawn is loving life, people, her greyhound pal Chelsea and one would never know she started off so leery.  She loves walks and going to Meet & Greets! Faye is an absolute delight to have in the home and is sweeter than one could imagine.

What a wonderful transformation from shy to stellar!! This little beauty just needed someone to believe in her and show her the way.


Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

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