Foster Fail and Irma Too

I lost my beautiful and valiant Greyhound rescue, Cortez, two months before hurricane Irma.  I became a volunteer at RDRP.  My mission was two-fold: to offer my time assisting in the care of the rescue/retirees and offer love to these noble creatures who deserve a forever home as soon as possible.  And, by helping them, I hoped they could help me begin to heal my broken heart. Once you’ve had a Greyhound gaze into your eyes, you know love.
To no one’s surprise, I made the choice to foster/adopt (I am a foster failure). I am adopting my new baby Emmy.  A beautiful 4 year
old fawn female.  I received her on the Tuesday, Sept. 5 and by Sat., Sept. 9, I was fostering an
additional female, Pixie.  A petite 2 year old brindle. (She is being adopted in a week and I will miss her).

I was happy to open my heart and my home to the “girls” during hurricane Irma.  It has worked out well. Going from the track to the rescue center and then to my home, they have adjusted
beautifully.  They are happy, eager to please, sweet, gentle and have learned a routine in a matter of days.

To know the breed is to love them.  Should anyone wish to foster/adopt they should consider a Grey. These graceful creatures are deserving of loving homes, and you’ll receive undying love and loyalty in return.  

 ~ Anne Franklin

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