Now more than ever the greyhounds need YOU!

Why place Greyhounds in foster homes?


Want to be a Greyhound Super-Star?

Most greyhound adoption groups are always in need of responsible, caring, and loving people dedicated caregivers to help greyhounds adjust to home-life. Many rescues are foster only groups so YOUR home is needed for them to leave the track.  Fostering greyhounds is one of the most important and rewarding things that you can do.

Fostering is a lesson in unselfish love and will give back to you and your family many times over.

Ready to help the hounds?

Ideally a foster parent/family is someone who has been around dogs for some time and has some dog handling/training skills and a general knowledge of canine behavior. Experience in handling Greyhounds or other sighthounds would be advantageous but not essential. A stable home environment with established routines is important.

A foster home ideally would have a fenced yard and/or a secure pen. The foster family would preferably be someone who has some time that can be spent each day introducing the dog to new and novel experiences and increasing his general confidence. So many things we use daily are new experiences. Mirrors, screen doors, sliding glass doors, pools and children are all new.


The presence of older children and/or other pets in the foster home would be seen as an advantage so long as careful supervision of any interactions can be assured. Many of these dogs will eventually be placed in adoptive homes with children, dogs, cats, birds or other pets. It is therefore important to assess each Greyhound’s response and prey drive potential, so that good matches can be made between dog and adoptive family.

If you think you wouldn’t be suitable for a foster family, think again! Remember, even if you try it once and decide that it’s not for you, then that’s one life that you’ve been directly responsible for saving. Next time you look into the soulful eyes of a greyhound, think about the satisfaction you’d feel if you knew that YOU were the person who made it possible for that dog to move onto their new life.

The closest group to SRQ has LOTS of beautiful Greyhounds!
Adoptable Greyhounds of Florida

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The Florida Greyhound Racing Ban does not go into effect until 1/1/2021