Fostering Lovie

greyhound fosteringOur Irma experience with Lovie was fantastic! She wasn’t afraid at all of the high winds and went outside in the wind and rain with no issues. We, of course, already have two dogs, but decided to foster her to see if we could manage 3 dogs.

We wanted to give Lovie a chance at a better life.  You can’t look at her or any of the greyhounds and not think they are just all so sweet. They are innocent.

Lovie loves her squeaky toys. She is very alert and notices birds, noises, people who are outside. She is a great walker and hasn’t had any accidents in the house. She walks by the counters and sniffs, but has never attempted to jump up and grab anything. When we eat, she usually just goes and lays down – while our other two are waiting for any scraps to be given their way.

~ Jennifer & Jon Mcclearn


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