Frank is a Fun Greyhound

greyhound adoption frank

Frank is a really FUN hound!

He is attentive, spunky, playful and a huge lover of hugs and rubbies!

We have a greyt time giving all the greys nicknames… they are all so adorable nicknames just naturally happen and can give people a glimmer into their developing personalities!

Frank’s Greyhound Data lists his color as black… In the sun he is really a dreamy, warm chocolate!

Here are some of the names we call Frank~

Franklin Dogano Roooosevelt

Frank the Tank



Willy Wonka

Little Chocolate Bar


Hmmm… what would you nickname him?

He is a GREYT fella that will bring HUGE joy and love to some lucky family!

View his profile here – then come take a look!


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