Gavin Is An Amazing Grey

Special Greyhounds Bring Special Love!

I’d just like to say a few words about Gavin, my amazing greyhound. Gavin will be 5 years old next month; we got him when he was just a few months over two. Gavin has an immune disorder called Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA for short), which is believed to be a genetic disorder. He is going blind. When we got him he was pretty nervous and didn’t like many people besides my husband and myself. We worked toward socializing him every chance we got! (Home Depot is a great place to work with your dog – nice wide long aisles and just enough people to approach him and give him an opportunity to start trusting people).

Fast forward to today…Gavin loves everyone he meets, is a certified therapy dog, visits two schools each week where the students read to him, visits an Assisted Living Facility and monthly meet and greets. He is cautious in new surroundings but quickly maneuvers his way around. At home he has a pretty good sized yard to run in, has it completely mapped out in his head and never misses a beat! While he may not be able to track the bunnies that frequent our yard, he does get a good run out of it and he comes in smiling!

We can’t take him to crowded family functions in a strange house like we did Lily before him, but he has a wonderful house sitter to keep him company at home!

He has greyhound friends too, although he gets startled if they come up in his face too quickly. He can’t see them well enough to read their body language.

I know this is longer than I meant it to be, but the point I’m trying to make is: please don’t overlook greyhounds who may have a disability. They are just as sweet and loving as the other greyhounds and from my experience, they will learn anything just to make you happy. That’s all they want.

Thank you for allowing me to share Gavin’s story with you.

Gini Longarzo


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