Goldilocks and the Foster Family


We took Nayer in as an emergency foster for Hurricane Irma. In addition to the 4 people in our family, Nayer, and our own greyhound, Chelsea, we also had 4 other adults, another dog (Jack russell/king charles mix) and 3 cats evacuate to our house to wait out the storm.  I have been walking Nayer at the AC since she arrived, and always knew her to be very high energy, so it was quite a surprise to me to see how relaxed she was in the house and how well she adapted to being in a house.  We have wood floors and a lot of glass doors, and it took Chelsea quite a while before she adapted to them, but Nayer never had an issue.  With our extra guests, we had a few air mattresses and she made sure she visited with everyone and tested out their beds. She even knew which beds were the dog beds, and took right to them. We could have called her Goldilocks for trying out all the beds!!

We weren’t sure how Chelsea was going to react to having another grey in the house, but they got along very well, and it was only a couple days before we decided to keep Nayer as a foster until she found her forever home. We have found that after a good long walk in the morning, she is actually quite relaxed most of the time. The other thing we have found is that she LOVES to be around people when she is inside. After all of our extra guests left after the hurricane, I found that she would still go around to each room where they were staying to look for them. Outside (we have a fenced area for the dogs to play), it’s like letting an 8 year old child out to recess; she will play ball with you if you throw it, but she really just wants to run around, play, and investigate.

Overall, she is a really great dog and we just know she will find her forever home soon. Her excitement at the AC is just a demonstration of how happy she is to be around people and how much love she will give to whoever chooses her. I am looking forward to seeing how she does at the open house this weekend after having been here for 2 weeks. She is really a sweetie!!

“Nayer funny of the day. We finally drained the bathtubs that we filled just in case we lost water. My husband says he thinks Nayer is wondering where the biggest water bowl in the world went because she would take a sip every time she went in my bathroom.” ~Heather


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