Graceful Gavin

gavin greyhoundGavin – Adoption Pending! 

Birth Date:9/12/2015

We bet you haven’t thought of coming to the center looking particularly for a “long-legged” male. Aren’t racing Greyhounds all long-legged you ask? Well yes, but Gavin is MORE long-legged. He is also strong, sleek, sophisticated, and reminds one of an Erte sculpture (perfect form). His fur color lies more heavily on his back like a coat. His front paws are tipped white, his back paws look more like white socks, and he has a white tipped tail to balance it all out. Striking Gavin is a sensitive boy that is looking for an equally sensitive human companion. It is so much fun to see him running along side the play area fence with one of his pals here at the center. Back and forth they challenge each other reminiscent of very recent racing days. Suddenly Gavin remembers where he is at and that he has a volunteer ready to pet him. Lightly on his feet he glides over, somewhat hesitant, wondering who you are. He is trying to figure out what his new life is about for him. He knows someone like you holds the secrets and hoping you will consider him. If he could talk he would say, “I am Gavin the Gallant! I will be your Knight in Shining Armour. Everyone should have a Gavin like me in their life.” Only you who adopt him will be the fortunate person who will know what he will become.

“I am very new to this “retired” life and I am trying hard to learn what it’s all about.” ~ Love, Gavin

Come see me the 2nd Sunday of the month at our open house from 1-3 pm. See the event calendar for more information.

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