Grand Graham

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Birth date:3/4/2014

Graham just hit the 6 month mark for being here and awaiting his forever home. We never know why some of the kidz linger longer than others? He must be waiting for someone seriously special!

This large male is very impressive in his stature and personality. He is regal, grand and seriously soft. He is responsive to praise, kindness and love. His easy going and rather subdued demeanor make this gorgeous guy a wonderful greyhound to be proud to have at your side. His warm fawn coat is reminiscent of that comforting Graham Cracker you may have enjoyed as a kid.

Our Graham is certain to provide you with years of comfort, joy and unending loyalty.

Ideal home for Graham-

Graham needs a calm understanding home and should be with a previous greyhound or large dog owner. He is a very good sensitive boy and will thrive and be your best love ever when he understands that he is loved. Graham is an amazing grey! He would probably prefer to be in an only dog home.

Graham passed his cat test!

Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

Can’t adopt a greyhound right now but would love to help Graham?

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Graham is being lovingly sponsored by Jen Brog


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