Greyhound Emergency Help Needed

The Brady Fund GreyhoundRDRP received a very disturbing phone call from a local vet office this morning. They had a beautiful greyhound with a severely broken leg that someone had dropped off and told them to euthanize. The vet’s office was trying to locate a greyhound rescue group who could take responsibility for the dog. After several questions, we determined the greyhound was not an RDRP dog but rather a track dog from SRQ.  Apparently the dog arrived at the SRQ track on Sunday and suffered the broken leg this morning.
RDRP contacted Dr. Kirsch and the Emergency Veterinary Clinic to see if they could help. The trainer transported the dog (Brady) to the EVC where he was admitted for treatment.  Dr. Kirsch agreed to do surgery, hopefully today but advised it was a bad break and the dog may lose the leg eventually. He advised doing the surgery and was encouraging. While the EVC is giving RDRP a 20%  “rescue discount” on all services, it is still very, very expensive and may be in excess of $4000. Please send any contribution you can to help sweet Brady.

You may send your much appreciated donation via PayPal button below  or mail your check made payable to “RDRP” to  Racing Dog Retirement Project, PO Box 18153, Sarasota FL 34276.  Please note the words “Brady’s Fund” on your check.  Even the smallest donation will help! Brady has a very long road to recovery before he can be adopted to his forever home. This poor fella really needs everyone who can to help him out.

A vet at the EVC, Dr. Katarina Bennett, has offered to foster Brady post op!  She is our angel!  We are also very grateful to Dr. Lesliegh Redavid for her compassionate treatment of Brady this morning.

Thanks to everyone for any help you can provide.

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  1. Doug Daman

    I’ve tried to make a gift for this boy but I click your PayPal donate and I get directed to PayPal “your session has expired. Re log on.” So I do and I get the same thing. 3 times now. Thought you needed to know.

  2. Verthib

    I can donate a small amount. Poor born
    It’s sad that the dog’s owner isn’t helping.?

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