Greyhound Family

I am always and forever amazed about the uniqueness and special-ness of the Greyhound and how extraordinary it is to be a part of a greyhounds life! I have to share a wonderful experience that warmed my heart yesterday. Out of the blue I received a message via facebook from a lovely lady in North Carolina. This is what she shared ~

Hello –  My family and I adopted a greyhound back in August of 2015 by the name of CBR P Diddy. We are very familiar with racing greyhounds due to having had them as family in the past. Therefore, they are very dear to our hearts. I have started looking for another in addition to Diddy and actually thought about possibly a sibling of her’s. By chance I was looking at the greyhound data base and saw that you had adopted CBR Selena Gomez. My Diddy is her sister and I thought maybe you would like to see a few pictures of the similarity. Take care-

Oh my goodness can I tell you I was over the moon with happiness seeing one of my babies siblings! They look like twins! What an  awesome connection to make with someone! I wish she lived in Florida so they could actually meet. Then I of course went on the data-base to see what the rest of the litter was up to… how cool is that?

This is a good opportunity to remind everyone who has adopted a greyhound luvie to go to and update their houndie with correct info and a photo!

Have a happy hound day!

greyhound sisters

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