Greyhound Data


For those who do not already know, there is a fantastic website that has tons of information available for you about your adopted greyhound! Greyhound Data provides information about greyhounds from all over the world with pedigree information drawn from the last four centuries. Online there are 2,108,967 greyhound pedigrees!

You can enter their racing name or ear tattoo information and find their entire family tree, where their line originated from, information on siblings and so much more… how GREYT is that? What other breed can you do that with?

The best part is that YOU can go in and add your greyhounds information and photographs to keep the data-base up to date.

Here is what my girl Lilly’s page looks like –


Another GREYT reason to participate in this database is that you never know when one of your greyhound siblings will find you!  I have had the privilege of “being found” on two occasions with 2 of my beloved greys.  The first was years ago when my beautiful Indra’s brother, Rappin Ray, found us. They were in Chicago, we were in Florida. Indra & Ray both had facebook pages so  they got to correspond. When Indra crossed the rainbow bridge in Feb. 2015, Rappin Rays mom was there to send their heartfelt and much appreciated words of sympathy.

diddy greyhoundLast month we were “found” again by Lilly’s sisters “mom”  Debra. She was wanting to adopt another greyhound and really wanted a sibling of her Greyhound Diddy. She searched the data base and noticed our entry! We have exchanged photos and stories and Lilly & Diddy look like twins. They live in NC so an in “person” meeting is not possible at this time. However, Debra has tracked down another sibling, CBR Mike Trout and the owner said he will be “retiring ” this season and is in Sarasota! Debra will be driving down to pick him up and taking him home! Wow!

Looking forward to seeing all your Greyhound faces in the database! Let us know where they are!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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