Happy Gotcha Day Liam

gotcha-liam greyhoundThis Is What Adoption Looks Like!

April is a special month because it’s Adopt-a-Greyhound month, but it’s extra-special to me because Liam and I will celebrate the 4th anniversary of our Gotcha Day on April 12th!

I feel so lucky to be his mama! He’s so sweet, affectionate, playful and intelligent. He loves going for rides in the car, and meeting other dogs–like his new girlfriends visiting from up north–Savannah and Abbey!!!

Liam, you’re the best grey in the world, and I’m so lucky to be your mama! Aunties Geri, Judy, Elaine, Kay, Susan and Cyndi, thank you for all the support and advice you’ve so generously shared. RDRP, so greytful you’re there for all the greys!

~ Melanie Branscomb

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