Heartfelt Hemingway

hemingway-greyhoundHemingway aka Mr.Bubbles – FOSTERED 

Birth Date: 3.6.15

A very nice, and lovable big boy, Hemi is stealing hearts quickly. He is the kind of fellow one would hope to lay down with and snuggle.. a big full body snuggle! Hemingway is a large and strong boy and will need someone with good physical strength initially.  He is friendly, gentle, smart, walks by your side and loves eye contact. He has an adorable “puppy like” quality about him, is super smart and is learning quickly in his temporary foster home!

Hemingway prefers a home without cats.

Believe it or not, Mimi is his sister!

** UPDATE from Foster Mom Gail
Hemingway is absolutely adorable, super lovable, and super smart. Really easy in all ways. He’s just big and young and would like to have all the attention! Honestly, his intelligence shocks me at times. I have never known such a smart dog…

Hemi will be back at RDRP on 1/26 and READY for his loving home! He is seriously smart and learns quickly. What an amazing and loving boy!

Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

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