Hemingway Is Ready For His Family

Adoption Pending!!!
Oh what a boy!! 

Hemingway’s foster mom Gail has a stellar report about this amazing grey!

“We are on day 11 of our med foster and Hemi really is healed up (neuter, dental) and ready for his forever home. He is such an adorable, fun-loving, cuddly and super smart dog. He deserves to find his people quickly. I sure hope there are adopters lined up, ready to meet him and take him home! I will be taking him back to RDRP soon–and there are plans in place to make his transition back to the kennel as easy and comfortable as possible. My hope is that he heads off to his forever home very soon.

In his short time with us, he has really learned so much. And I have learned a lot, too! I don’t think I have ever worked with a dog that is as shockingly smart as he is. He has gone from a strong, barky, hyper-alert prey dog to a laid back, no barking, medium-alert prey dog! My cats have really seemed to enjoy helping me with the cat training—but the Cat 101 tv show helped so much. Hemi seems to be quite the “visual learner”—and continues to be intrigued by the tv and with his reflection (mirrors, glass, oven doors, etc…) The cats can now calmly walk back and forth in front of his crate without him barking or reacting at all. I can also stand with him on his leash and out of the crate and have the cats walk by without him barking or pulling.

So far, he responds consistently well to: No bark, No chase, No pull, Crate up, On your bed, Wait.

He is a LONG way from being safe around cats, of course—but I do think that with consistent, strong continued training he could be. My main goal was just to get him comfortable around them without barking or pulling—so that he would be quiet in the house and safe on his walks. He’s come a LONG way in 10 days!

He has been a good eater and cleans up all his food, super easy to walk on a loose leash, gets along well with my two greyhounds and gets better every day at ignoring the squirrels or cat that may be outside on his walks. Just a quick verbal correction or quick tug will usually get him refocused on his walk.

Being out here in the country, he has been exposed to lots of neighborhood sounds like very loud tractors and truck noises, fireworks and gunfire. Hemi has never reacted to any of these noises. We also had a really bad thunderstorm with close lightning strikes—which he slept through.

He is a great sleeper. He has spent most of his nights in the crate—but the last two nights he slept out of the crate. Either way, when the lights go out, he zonks out and sleeps soundly until the morning when people start waking up.

I have let him spend more time out of the crate the last few days. He was restless initially, but learned quickly to find a dog bed and crash. He has had only one near accident in the house—and that was my fault. I let him out of the crate and didn’t take him right out to pee. I caught him in the act of lifting his leg, yelled NO! and he stopped—and I got him out right then to do his business. And oh…by the way…I have never known a greyhound to have the beautiful poop he has—100% of the time. He is a two time a day pooper–and he gets right down to business. When out of the crate, if he needs to go out he will consistently go to the door and touch the handle.

Ideally, I believe Hemi would thrive and everyone would be happiest right away if he is in a home without cats or small dogs. He is really playful–and would do well with other playful and/or accepting greys or big dogs–or playful people/kids/teenagers. I think he would also be fine being an only dog—as long as he gets lots of exercise and attention. He can be a little timid around men, but is fine once he knows they are trustworthy. I believe Hemi would also enjoy and appreciate a fenced yard with room to zoom–at least once or twice a week.

It has been a real joy having this beautiful, intelligent and funny hound as part of our family–even if only for 10 days! He’s a love, for sure. I can’t wait to hear about his new forever family and his joyful life with them.

If you are interested in adopting Hemingway, please fill out the online Adoption Application.
He’s READY!!





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