It takes a village…

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A village and a dedicated group of hound lovers!

Check back often for updates depending on number of greys!

With a full house in the Florida Summer heat, it can take our two dedicated caretakers up to 4 hours each shift to clean, cool off and care for our beloved Greyhounds. The other Greys wait until it’s their turn. 🙁

While we are almost at capacity in the Adoption Center we would like to fill up a few shifts to keep the hounds more comfortable.

It will help keep the activity levels down to a minimum for the pups and the peeps as this heat wave lingers on this summer. Heat & mosquitoes are not a happy time for the dogs.

What we are in need of:

  • Monday ~ Morning Inside & Outside girls side – 2 person kennel cleaning team 8:30/9 am takes about 1.5 hours
  • Thursday ~ Morning inside kennel cleaner to shadow Susan Hopkins, girls side 8:30/9 am takes about 1.5 hours
  • Saturday ~ Morning Inside & Outside kennel cleaning team, girls side, 8:30/9 am takes about 1.5 hours


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