Jubilant Julian

Julian greyhoundJulian – Fostered

Birth Date: 10/28/2014

Oh what a gentle soul! Confident of nature, soft light in his eyes, calm like his namesake Julian Lennon, first son of John Lennon. He has such beautiful soft white fur with light golden brown cow patches. All this not to be outdone by many light grey (ticking) spots under his belly that belong to his skin color. Julian arrived at our adoption center with a severely torn ear, unsightly, and needing medical treatment. He seemed unfazed by his injury and had an almost serene disposition. Getting off the trailer he just stood there somewhat perplexed by his new environment and new sensitive loving care takers. He wasn’t frightened by the surprise or in shock due to his condition. Immediately he received some very fancy surgery fixing the tears and making him whole again. He hasn’t changed much since that surgery and still shows only his softer side, his softer personality, and his now 2 very soft ears. It’s no surprise that the Greek word, “ioulos” mean soft-haired.

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  1. Sue Miller

    Hello, my name is Sue Miller and am enquiring about Julian. He looks super sweet and adorable. Is he cat friendly?

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