Juliette Seeks Romeo

greyhound adoption flJuliette – ADOPTION PENDING!!!

Birth Date: 4/28/2013

This BEAUTIFUL, refined, light fawn brindle appears to have soft and delicate dark watercolor strokes laid randomly upon her tall and regal body and sweet face.  AND, oh what a face! She is exquisite and rare in appearance, and her personality is blossoming beautifully.

Just like the character in Shakespeare’s play, Juliette at first appears to be quiet, passionate and innocent.  She then meets Romeo and shows she is not as shy as we think. Honestly, she runs to our Romeo’s window where he recovers and waits with loyalty. They have even held their first KISS between the fences while out walking!

I know, it seems a far-fetched tale, but ever so often, more often then you may think, MAGIC happens here at RDRP!

Juliette is a stunning girl, and it would be beyond incredible if she and her Romeo could find themselves TOGETHER, bringing their special love and happiness to some incredibly lucky home! And.. why not?

Did I  mention how seriously calm and accepting of love this little girl is? One could just stroke her soft fur, gaze into her eyes, and love her forever! Will YOU be the one?


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