Kindly Koda

Koda – Fostered & Adoption Pending!!!

Birth Date: 07/21/2016 (young!)

Is that Koda as in…a character in Brother Bear? No. KODA as in… a radio station in Houston, Texas? Don’t think so. How about Koda as a…language that is spoken in India? Not even close. How about Koda as in….Batty Koda Ferngully? Yay, nailed it! Besides being the “deuteragonist of the duology”, he is an exaggerated Fruitbat in a cartoon character. Nature’s Fruitbats are beautiful to some people because their faces resemble baby bears. Sometimes they look more like a flying fox. One thousand words of cuteness with bat-like pointy ears could describe them both as well as describe our boy Koda. Like his cartoon character our Koda is caring toward his friends, and he very much cares for humans. His eyes are dark rounded, face more triangular, nose elongated, and his ears are pointed. It is a smaller face but most perfectly proportioned on his delicate head. Even his tail is not too long and not too short. As if that isn’t enough all ready, he is a home run as a medium-sized, very shiny black male. He was blessed with some striking white fur on his back paws and a special arch of white fur on his neck. When you first gaze into his kennel and catch his attention you just want to hold him and tell him his walk today is with you, and could be tomorrow, and maybe just maybe forever!

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