Lighthearted Lily

lily greyhound adoptable floridaLoving and Lovely Lily – Adoption Pending!!

Birth Date:  3/6/15

Lily LOVES greyhounds, and people, and life! She is not a timid “Peace” Lily. Instead she is a spunky, very perky kind of girl with a sweetheart disposition. She is our “Bunny” Lily. There is no such thing you say? Well then be prepared for a surprise. As a greyhound she is a gorgeous white female, another dame here that loves to admire herself in any reflective glass. There is so so much going on with her fur such as, butterscotch patches (a little like cow markings), with freckled hints of pink, white, grey and black. Yet that still doesn’t explain our nickname for her! Our Dear Lily just might have the shortest fur we have seen yet along with ultra soft skin. Still doesn’t explain the name? Wait for it…….we lovingly nicknamed her “Bunny” because of her amazing long ears and the silkiness of her fur. You will absolutely, positively, beyond any doubt, just love to pet her and hold her. You will watch her ear expressions like you gaze at the stars. Your eyes will have to dart around a bit because she will entertain you by chasing balls around the yard, flip them up in the air, and, if your good….she might bring them back for more. “Bunny” Lily “Delight” words that all fit and more!

Come see me the 2nd Sunday of the month at our open house from 1-3 pm. See the event calendar for more information.



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