Lily Bunny Greyhounds Coat


Lily Is a lovely greyhound who has the most exceptional ears and personality! She may not let you see just how adorable she is when you first meet her… as she has grown a bit tired of waiting for her perfect person. But don’t be fooled, this girl has personality plus! She was in a foster home for several days during Irma and she was a model houndie, clean, happy, smart, gentle, AND she fell in love with the house greyhound Josh. She LOVES greyhounds (most probably other dogs too) and is a big snuggler!

I think I would have to give her the forever name of Bunny though as her ears are just too darned cute,  plus she is as soft as any rabbit!

She LOVES her lovely lilac coat and your greyhounds will too! These gorgeous coats will be available at the November Greyhound Gathering on the 18th from 11-2 pm at Sun n Fun on Fruitville Rd, and at all of our Open Houses every 2nd Sunday from 1 – 3 pm at RDRP!

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    • RDRPAdmin

      Lily was adopted about a week ago! We currently have 23 lovely greyhounds that are awaiting their forever homes!

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