Loving London Needs A Hero

London – FOSTERED!!!

Birth Date: 9/18/2015

Huge Hearted Super Hero Needed for Beautiful and Loving London!

Shortly after London arrived at RDRP we started to notice that something was not quite right. He seemed to have some trouble tracking objects, did not notice bright colors, and gently bumped into a few things. RDRP immediately made an appointment with Ophthalmologist Dr. M.A. Salisbury and we learned that our soft-hearted and calm boy London has Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), a genetic eye disorder that will eventually lead to blindness.

Patience, understanding, and open-heartedness for London will bring back a meaningful, enormous and extra special relationship like no other. The sooner a caring person comes into London’s life the better, as we have no concrete idea of just how much he can currently see, or how long his vision will continue. The sooner he can “map out” his new home the sooner his “normal” life can happen, and he will live a Greyt life! We believe he is nearly night blind and still has a lot of day vision with possible blind spots. London is taking a recommended vision care supplement (Occu Glo) to possibly promote sight longevity.

**** UPDATE! London is currently in a wonderful foster home and has learned to tolerate cats. He LOVES people immensely! London will continue to thrive and do best in a stable home that has someone HOME most of the time. He would probably do best with only one other dog that will understand him. He is smart and a big lover. 
We realize his “super hero” may live far away from Florida… we will figure it all out! 

What is PRA, learn about it here.

We have a wonderful volunteer who has a beloved Greyhound with the same disease who has worked hard to ensure her baby will lead a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life. Greyhound Gavin is actually a Certified Pet Therapy Dog and part of the Paws To Read Program and loves working with the children! Gini will be happy to talk to anyone who wants to open their heart and home to London and offer tips and techniques for success!

“London Bridge is falling down” and London’s ears keep falling down. They keep falling down, over and over again. This big fawn, sophisticated male, just can’t keep those ears up. Actually, he is intentionally sending a “Cuteness Alert” out to visitors. What he really enjoys is taking a walk with a significant human. This big boy walks like a dream on a leash, tall and close to your thigh. He craves human companionship and will be your loyal fan. If there ever was a big fellow (with quirky ears), filled with sweetness on the inside and softness on the outside, it is London….whose ears keep falling down.

Meet the Greyhounds the 2nd Sunday of every month at our Open House from 1-3 pm. See the event calendar for more information.
Please fill out our Adoption Application prior to coming if you are serious about adopting.

London is being lovingly sponsored by Glenda & Chris Reagan

Thank you to everyone who gives $$ for London’s Ocu-Glow eye vitamins!

Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

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London is being lovingly sponsored by Glenda & Chris Reagan

Thank you to everyone who gives $$ for London’s Ocu-Glow eye vitamins!






7 Responses

  1. Sue Miller

    I have been looking at your adorable and amazing greyhounds. London is precious:) I don’t see any information on London if he is cat friendly? I have one cat that has been with dogs most his life. Would love to adopt a greyhound that is cat friendly.

    • RDRPAdmin

      London is not cat friendly. As for children, it would depend on the situation and their ages.

    • RDRPAdmin

      London has been showing some fear of the other greyhounds lately while in his kennel. He seems fine when out of the kennel. As for children, it would depend on the situation and their ages. Older kids, 12 and up possibly?

  2. Toni Perkins

    Is London still available? Would adoption in another state be an option?

    • RDRPAdmin

      Yes, London is still available, and we will consider an out of state adoption. London is a special boy and we understand that finding hi the best home possible may very well be from elsewhere! Have you filled out an application online for London?

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