Lulu Wow

florida greyhoundsLulu – ADOPTION PENDING!!!
Birth Date – 06/26/2015
Lulu – the definition of an amazing and remarkable girl. Beautiful in every single way. Always goes out of her way to make you feel better. She genuinely cares about you. Her eyes can light up any dark day. She comes across at times as independent, but loves to have someone there for her. She loves to have fun, is funny, is laid back, and is very down to earth. She treats everyone with the upmost respect. Treat her well; be gentle, loving, and caring. Lulu will love you and be your bestest girl ever! She is smart, shimmering, has a bit of sass, tons of energy, but loves cuddle time too.
Lulu passed her cat test.
Her ideal home will give her plenty of attention, older kids or teens would be swell, a good amount of outdoor space (a fence would be perfect) a home that has humans who like to play and help this little gem burn off some of her delightful energy!




Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

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