Lyrical Liza

liza_greyhoundLiza – Short Term Fostered!!

Birth Date: 6.30.2016

The adjective lyrical fits our dear Liza as she is artistically expressive, of beautiful quality, melodious and highly enthusiastic. She prances and dances with her little white boots and white ruffled tux. When she gazes into your eyes she has a “puppy face” look to her, soft, oh so sweet and young! The name Liza graced her beautifully as she has characteristics of Ms. Minnelli, happy, sincere, theatrical, spunky… that’s our Liza!

We have discovered that the name Ruth, as in Babe Ruth, would have suited this amazingly accurate ball player! Fetch? Oh yes, and then please do it again! FUN girl!!

*** “Foster dog Liza has been with us just barely 4 days…and she has blown us away with her quiet charm and quick learning abilities! She has taken on so many new challenges with such ease—and has already settled into “healing time” at Camp 4040. She never batted an eye at our 2 greyhounds that greeted her … and after just a few hours was nodding off as all 3 cats paraded back and forth and back and forth in front of her crate. Now, she is spending more time out of the crate, happily enjoying family time with everyone. She was made for family time! She’s also quite good at helping with chores—like feeding the cats, helping foster dad with cooking, staying on the lookout with foster brother London, and improving the beauty of all of the rugs in the house.

This adorable almost 3 year old sweetie is going to make an amazing addition to some lucky family! If you have ever thought about adopting a greyhound—THIS beautiful, petite, lovable, funny, adaptable, easy girl is looking for you! She’ll be ready for you to welcome her into your home and heart on the 17th” ~ Gail

Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

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