Not Just A Pretty Face


Selecting your new family member is a serious endeavour. Many of us are drawn to certain colors, patterns, sizes etc., when we see a greyhound. While looks may be your initial motivating factor to select a certain grey, it is not the important one. Temperament and personality that blend nicely with yourself or family is what counts, as well as the needs of the greyhound.

While each and every one of them will continue to blossom and come into their own when learning how to live in a home, it is important to recognize and be responsive to what is written about the greyhounds on the Available Greyhounds page. Much time and effort is put into learning about and making initial assessments regarding each grey. If their story says they are quiet, reserved and calmer and get along with cats that’s what we mean. Just as if it says shy, needs an experienced greyhound person, patience, and does not like cats that is also what is meant. It is important that you work with your adoption volunteer. Please read about each dog and really examine your lifestyle, personal needs, and what type of personality would or would not be harmonious.

Our team of dedicated volunteers will assist you in selecting your next best friend. Please trust us in this process. Life in a home with people is a completely new experience. New adopters of a retired racer must be patient and willing to help their greyhound adjust to life after the track, and selecting the best fit for your lifestyle and needs of the greyhound will help the process.

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