Oh No! Brazilian Pepper Plants!

Two of our very dedicated volunteers, Eileen & Eddy Davies also do work with Manatee County finding and removing non-indigenous and invasive plants. Eileen walks the hounds several times a week and Eddy joins her on Mondays. Eileen also bathes and grooms the greys! They are both very good with the hounds and while on one of their walks, they discovered we had an invasive Brazilian Pepper Plant!

The plants are toxic for dogs and not good for human respiratory systems in the spring. The sap can leave a nasty rash and the plant is in the same family as poison ivy, oak, and sumac. When they first started working they thought it was only 3 medium sized plants, only to discover that it was really one HUGE plant that had stretched out 20 feet from its base trunk. As it spread out over Stubies Gravestone it had dug back into the ground and re-rooted into 3 other trunks.

The couple has worked tirelessly in removing it limb by limb while ensuring not to harm the neighboring trees. To all of our surprise, they discovered five citrus trees growing in the shadow that will now get enough sunlight to produce fruit. Eddy then cut the stumps low, sprayed them with Fluorescent paint, drilled holes in the trunk and put poison)in the trunks to kill the roots while not harming the surrounding trees.

Kudo’s to this amazing team!

Thank you both so much!


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