Romeo Needs Your Help

romeo greyhound illRomeo needs your help in a couple of ways… this beautiful and hopeful 3-year-old boy is fighting for his life, and at the moment he is winning.

Romeo was taken to his Veterinarian on Tuesday morning as he was not eating and seemed ill. His Doctor did an x-ray and it looked like he had a possible blockage in his stomach and/or intestines. He was already dehydrated and put on a drip for fluids. Romeo was then transferred to the ER Vet so he could be monitored closely and further tests done throughout the night. It was then determined that he be transferred back to his Vet for immediate surgery… yes, he had two blockages! Romeo is a fighter and made it through the surgery but needed to be tubed to remove green yucky stuff from his abdominal cavity. The Doctors are closely monitoring his blood pressure and vitals for signs of septic, gastric fluids that could cause aspiration or other problems that could arise. The first 48-72 hours are critical. If all continues as it is now the Doctors feel he will make a full recovery and be just fine.

We are asking for love and healing thoughts for this amazing young boy and we are also asking for donations of any amount to help cover his medical emergency. We have incurred thousands of dollars in fees and climbing! Every amount helps and will be greytly appreciated! RDRP will always do what is best for the greyhounds and put their needs above all else. The greyhound loving community is the best and we know you will help however you can.

We are hopeful that this fine boy will have the pleasure of being adopted one day soon and get to enjoy his life in a nice home!

Thank you!

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UPDATE 3/4/2018

After a LONG week at Animal ER, Romeo is back at his RDRP home. His Vets felt he may do better in familiar surroundings. He has started eating small amounts of food and liquid… finally! He has a road to recovery but he has started down that path!! He will be taken care of continually in our facilities office until he is strong and well!


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