Rory needs a Hero.

This Greyt guy has become kind of an unofficial mascot around here.

Special Needs Hound

Our volunteers just love him to pieces. They think he’s the sweetest guy in the house even though he’s been in and out of here for the better part of a year. He has had behavioral issues and will need to stay on Prozac and high potency CBD, for the rest of his life. He needs understanding and special needs savvy human(s) to open up their heart(s) and share his life. 

He is responding well to his treatment and needs a human that is not loaded with expectations of him. He is quiet, laid-back and unassuming.

Rory has bounced back twice – please contact to discuss this special boy and all of his story! 

He’s a real sweetheart 99.9% of the time, he has his moments. There have been two specifically stressful ones, ergo his returns, that will require further discussion. Rory needs someone that can get inside his head to find their way into his heart. It’s a big one but you’ll have to build trust. I’ve done it, but it took time.

He has been medically cleared both physically and neurologically, which leaves it as behavioral. Once adopted, a professional behaviorist is recommended as it may prove to be beneficial.

Do you have a yard with a fence where he can layout and sunbathe? He’ll need a crate or a small space in the house where he can “retreat” to for alone time and a solid routine with someone who’s home a lot. Rory is also independent, and he needs a loving and patient person who understands that he sometimes has some issues that he needs help managing. No kids, no cats and not sure about other dogs.. he might be an only child.

Rory turns 6 on February 1st.

If you are interested in learning more about Rory and perhaps meeting him to see if you can give him the home he deserves, please contact his caretakers:
Mark or Lori directly at the Racing Dog Rescue Project @ 727-359-9980 

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