Rousing Riddler

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Riddler – FOSTERED!!


This fun, comical and loving brindle boy has been overlooked somehow! Riddler just hit the 6-month mark of being here at RDRP. He needs a greyt and loving home so he can begin life as a family member! Please share if you care!

This is a stunning, medium size, male brindle. Like the Sumatran Tiger his fur is a golden hue with distinctive dark brown stripes. He is strong, inquisitive, and a little bit of a trickster. Our first “clue” should have been how he carries his tail around in a big question mark, hence his name the Riddler. Word has it at the adoption center he is trying to stage a coup, secretly manipulating some volunteers who may be in on his plan to capture his own adoptive parent. When you arrive, BE AWARE! Because of his clever fondness for expressing riddles with his eyes, ears, and tail you will barely escape being captured if he singles you out. His cover was blown by an anonymous volunteer. “Watch out for when he jumps on you; that is how he is going to ‘tag’ his new adoptive parent.”There can be no turning back. All of his tricks such as being eager to play with you, being over obsessed with treats you are carrying are just further proof he is the master of throwing riddles at you. Our Riddler is ready to be adopted (by a person he “tags”) and we are ready to release him to you due to his “good behavior” (wink wink)!


Imagine life with a retired greyhound…

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